A man and his Border Collie dog are taking a break from the hike and sit down to enjoy the

Training Sessions

Training sessions work on teaching your dog new behaviours and/or building on the training they already know in front of distractions so you can safely enjoy the outdoors together and relax indoors too! 

This could involve - 

  • Puppy training - settling your pup into your home, chewing, nipping, jumping, leaving your pup home alone

  • Recall - your dog eagerly bolts to you no matter what is in their immediate environment

  • Loose lead walking - have your dog walk to heel and not pulling you in all directions and crossing in front of you

  • An off lead heel - perfect when out in the hills and you would like your dog to stay close

  • Automatic check-ins - stop your dog bolting towards distractions

  • An emergency stop - perfect for when it is not safe for your dog to return to you (i.e. a cyclist is about to move between you and your dog)

distraction training for dogs

  • Leave and drop - guide your dog away from tempting distractions (and even eating them) without confrontation

  • Settle - perfect for when you are testing out dog friendly cafes/pubs!

  • If you would like to cover other training topics please ask!

Who is this service for?

relaxing dog walks

  • For dogs of all ages, novice to experienced owners.

  • You understand that your dog needs support, guidance and practice when working through their training plan.

  • You want a dedicated, knowledgeable, caring person to guide you and your dog throughout each training stage (trust me, I will be your biggest cheerleader!)

  • You desire a tailored made plan to suit your dog (and special family member).

  • You are ready to commit to a training plan so you and your dog can go on adventures together!

"I called Sadie off another dog less than 10m in front of her today and she came back!

She is only 8 months old and I can walk her with confidence and know that she responds to me. It makes for such a nice dog walk!"

Jenni with Sadie the Labrador

chocolate labrador

Training Session Packages

The Outdoor Dog offers training solution packages, rather than one-off sessions. I find this more effective because - 

  • I can support you throughout your dog's training journey.

  • I can tailor-make the training to your and your dog's needs.

  • We can progress the training at each visit (especially distraction training) and ensure we are on track.

  • You know what commitment is needed to ensure you have all the tools you need to train your dog. 

Sessions can take place Monday to Saturday; with morning, afternoon and evening* sessions available. 

*Evening sessions throughout winter are unavailable unless meeting in your home - it is always best to train in daylight.

Training Session Package

What is included - 

  • Gathering details on your dog and training goals so I can plan for our time together.

  • 4 x 1 hour in-person sessions with Karen

We will talk about your training goals and make a training plan together that will fit into your schedule. Karen will demonstrate the training with your dog, then guide and support you as you practice with your dog. 

We will progress the training at each visit, especially focusing on distraction training (ensuring your dog will listen to your cues no matter what is in their immediate environment).

  • A written summary sent to you to help you after each session to help aid your training.

  • All travel expenses and time included for PH1 & PH2 (if you live outwith these postcodes please get in touch for an accurate quote for any extra travel expenses, or if you are able to travel we can meet at the South Inch Park, Perth).

  • Immediate and unlimited access to an online course most suited to what you would like to work on with your dog or a course of your choice.

  • Email/phone support for 3 months after our first session.

Follow-Up Sessions

During the initial package I aim to provide you with all the information and techniques required to work on your dog's training. Most clients find the initial package, and follow-up support via email all that is required. However, follow-up sessions are available if you wish continued in person support.

Further 1-hour sessions can be added to your package if/when you feel they are needed. Please
email Karen directly to book. Follow up sessions are charged at a discounted rate.

Remote session (1hr) - £50
In-person session (1hr) - £60

Four, 1 hour sessions - £200

After session notes and support (for one month after your session) is included.