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Praise for The Outdoor Dog

Victoria Stilwell

Karen has been working with Victoria (world-renowned dog trainer - It's Me or The Dog) for 8 years, including becoming a Faculty Advisor for the Victoria Stilwell Academy.

"Being a qualified Veterinary Nurse and dog trainer Karen brings a wealth and variety of experience to her approach. What really makes Karen stand out is her understanding of the problems people and their dogs face on a daily basis and
how to solve them practically and effectively.

Victoria Stilwell

Rosie with Obama the Chihuahua

reactive dog training

"Obama was extremely reactive to dogs, to the point I couldn't even take him to the park, he barked relentlessly at dogs that were miles away. It was embarrassing for me and distressing for him. After trying 2 dog trainers before Karen I didn't think much could be done to change his ways. 
After a few weeks of training, he became confident in Ruby's (Karen's dog) company they walked around together building his confidence around other dogs. On a long training lead, following Ruby's example, he learned to greet off the lead dogs and began to play nicely with them. I couldn't believe it!
He greets and plays with dogs with no problems and I can easily call him away from dogs he seems wary of. It's honestly like having a new dog. 

Obama is like a different dog now - I'm so grateful to Karen (and Ruby!)"

Jenni with Sadie the Labrador

"I called Sadie off another dog less than 10m in front of her today and she came back!

Trained her recall using a whistle based on Karen's training plan. She is only 8 months old and I can walk her with confidence and know that she responds to me. It makes for such a nice dog walk!"

chocolate labrador

Christina with Indie the Yorkie

yorkie reactive dog training

"I turned to Karen for help when I felt I was at my wit’s end with my one-year-old Yorkie Indie. He is a very excitable but equally insecure dog when it comes to interacting with other dogs. His reactivity shows in excessive barking – not immediately dangerous but very embarrassing…
We turned to Karen for help. We are now able to greet other dogs in a controlled and polite manner when given the time and simply walking past other dogs is a lot more peaceful. Indie seems to have picked up that if he sees anything (like people hula hooping for example) that makes him feel uncomfortable, he can turn to me for guidance and reassurance. It is a wonderful feeling and I am very positive that with more practice and good experiences he will be a happier more confident dog in no time!"

Liz with Fergus the Cockapoo

"Fergus my 6-month-old cockapoo pup got off to a bad start due to confusion with his vaccinations, which knocked his socialisation back by several weeks, resulting in a nervy, hyper puppy. After 1:1 instruction from Karen along with a very supportive email I can say that he has made enormous progress & is now much calmer and more biddable. An excellent service which I would have no hesitation in recommending to anyone." 

cockapoo puppy training