hill walking with dog

Helping you to have a relaxed and responsive dog so that you can enjoy adventures together.


Do you long for enjoyable, relaxing dog walks and adventures with your dog? Would you like your dog to be responsive to you, even around distractions?


If your dog struggles with reactivity issues, loses focus on you around distractions or you are training your new pup to be your outdoor companion - you're in the right place...

I understand how important it is to enjoy outdoor life with your dog, whether that involves relaxing walks around your neighbourhood, or exploring the great outdoors (and even Munro bagging together!)

And after a good adventure you want your home life to be relaxing too, I can help with any in-home and garden issues as well. 

Our private dog training and training and behaviour sessions, with our tailored-made plans and caring approach, will help you achieve real-life results.

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Karen Bachell - Founder, Behaviourist & Trainer at The Outdoor Dog.

Emmy (Labrador), Barr (Border Collie) - the outdoor loving dogs!

"I don’t know how we would’ve coped without Karen and her expertise and knowledge. She tailor-made the training to suit Rosie and our needs.

I would highly recommend her."

Louise with Rosie


How I can help you...


"Having space to talk about my dog and have advice and a plan I think will increase my understanding of my dog. Karen worked with him so I could see the techniques we had been talking about and then practice them whilst she was there."

Frances with Treo